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Indoor Cycling (53 bicycles)
This is an aerobic workout that is done with a stationary bike to the rhythm of music.
Strengthens the cardiovascular system. Each session will display a series of tours in which each person can adjust the level of resistance according to their own  abilities. We have a TVscreen where you can see your heart rate.

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Monday to Friday from 6:30h to 23h, Saturday 9h to 15h and 17h to 20h , Sunday from 9h to 14h. Open on holidays from 9h to 14h. Excepted 01/01, 06/01, 15/08, 25/12 and 26/01 and every sunday of August.
C/ Bonastruc de porta, 24 | 17001 - Girona | Tel. 972 220 884 Fax. 872 031 027